3 Simple Ways to Get Access to New Customers and Clients from Your Living Room

From the Founder's Desk

Seriously, start now. Don’t wait for fear to creep in, for your mind to get the better of you.

We speak to a lot of entrepreneurs, freelancers and coaches every single day! We always ask them what we can help them with or what they’re struggling with. Guys, the answers is almost always the same thing:

“I am struggling to get more clients/find new customers.”

Seriously. Probably about 90% of the time this is what we hear 🙂

But don’t panic! We have some goodies for you to help 🙂 We have the best first steps you can take RIGHT NOW. Seriously, start now. Don’t wait for fear to creep in, for your mind to get the better of you – take these 3 steps now and are on your way to getting more customers and clients saying yes to you.

1. Join an online community.

We searched and searched for ages finding the right ones for us. Don’t just join any old online community because it is comfortable, and it supports women. Really do the work to find out if what that particular community has to offer is right for you, and if what you have to offer can add value to the people already there.

2. Search and Join International Directories

Fake it ‘till you Make it. Seriously, that’s basically our motto. Get on those directories around the world. List yourself and your services as being available, anywhere at anytime.

We did this with our agency early on – listed ourselves as a digital marketing agency available to work with clients in a bunch of metropolitans around the world. New York, Los Angeles, London, Sydney, you name it, we operated there!

3. Reach out shamelessly

We are the queens of the shameless DM slide. We have slid into so many women’s DMs asking for help, advice, mentorship etc. Truthfully, and statistically, we probably get ignored way more than we get humoured. But that’s ok. If just one in 20 get back to us and are willing to share their experience or network with us, we have won big!

We would love to talk more about rejection, about bravery and facing the odds, about making friends, mentors and customers in all corners of the globe.

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