3 Ways to Monetise Your Content

From the Content Manager's Desk

“People don’t buy what you do. They buy what you know.”

Let’s start at the beginning shall we… What does that even mean??

Basically, I heard a quote the other day that BLEW. MY. MIND. And it was simple, right. So simple. It’s always the simple (and obvious) ones that catch me off guard. It was this:

“People don’t buy what you do. They buy what you know.”

Holy moly, is there power in this one if you take the time to really understand it.

I have people on strategy calls and trainings and coaching calls all the time struggling with how to price their time, how to allocate hours to a project, how to know how much to charge for their skills etc. The one thing I say to these people is: “Don’t think about how much the time costs you. Think about how much the thing you offer will make them.”

I think that’s the first really powerful thing to consider, and to shift in your thinking and behaviour when it comes to pricing and charging. Don’t think about what your time is worth, think about what the finished product is worth to that person. How much money is that investment going to make them?

The second thing I say to people – or talk people through – is the fact that what you know today, and what you can do in an hour, didn’t come to you overnight, right? That is years and years and years of learning and practice and testing etc. What you can achieve in an hour TODAY is probably because you’ve spent 10 years working on that skill of yours… ammirite??

Which brings us nicely back to the quote at the top, and the purpose of this conversation. People are not paying for what you do, they are paying for what you know.

And if they are paying for what you know, and not what you do, why can’t you sell you knowledge as well as your time? BOOM!

So let’s talk about the 3 simples ways you can start monetising what you know:

  1. Sell a guide or an ebookPut your hard-earned knowledge in writing. And make it bite-size. Yes, by all means write an ebook that has your story and your lessons and mistakes etc. But then also break that down into smaller chunks of actionable steps. That’s what’ll help to sell the more comprehensive backstory, or ebook.
  2. Sell online trainingPut what you know into a seminar, webinar, pre-recorded video content, closed Facebook group. You know name it! Whatever you feel most comfortable with. And then charge people to come and listen to you talking about what you know! If you are targeting the right people (audience targeting is a convo for another day!), your people will be more than happy to pay to hear you talk about your area of expertise.
  3. Subscription or membershipAside from the fact that this is a great way to add another revenue stream to your business, it is a great way to build MRR (monthly recurring revenue). Offer people access to new and/or live content by offering them a subscription, and fresh content weekly, monthly or even daily.

If you are not sure how these sort of monetisation strategies could work for you or your business, set up a free call with us to strategise and brainstorm. We would love to hear more about your skills and knowledge, and help you to make money for the years of hard work you have put into building out your business!

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