4 Ways to Get More Email Addresses

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“The money is in the list.”

No jokes, folks. This is where the magic happens – in your email list!

We’re all after one thing here: sales, sales and more sales. When you have an online business (or any business, really), the best, most guaranteed way to get more sales, more customers, more conversions, is with an effective email marketing strategy or campaign.

Now the putting together of this campaign or strategy is a conversation for another day… But our emails mean nothing with a list a quality recipients, ammirite??

So we need to start at the beginning. The list building phase. We hear this from people all the time! “How can I grow my list?”, “How can I get more email addresses?”, “How can I generate more leads?”.

There are a ton of different answers to these questions, and a bunch of techniques that work for some and note for others. But for us, from our experience building lists for ourselves and for other brands, these are the 4 things we have found most effective for quality list building and lead gen.

  1. Using paid ads
  2. Using organic outreach
  3. Giveaway or collab
  4. Gimicks and widgets on your website

We are going to unpack each of these a little more, and explain how you can use these tools to grow your list:

  1. Paid ads on social media are a great way to build out a new list of people you wouldn’t normally have reached, and you can do it using very granular targeting to ensure you list is high quality.Our general rule of thumb on paid ads is run a Lead Generation objective and offer people a ton of expert value for free in exchange for an email address – a download, a guide, a free webinar, a checklist etc.
  2. Organic outreach on social media is a very overlooked, but very powerful, tool. Far too many people shy away because they think it is either a) too much effort, or b) they’re resisting judgement.Trust me, you are not alone! We have been there J But we also know how just have great the results can be if you go out there and meet people online, and talk about your offer or your product or yourself.(You can learn more about organic outreach in a previous article here.)
  3. In our experience, leveraging off someone else’s audience is a great way to grow your list. Make sure it is someone who has the same audience you want, and then partner up to offer something for free or a competition, that you are both involved in and both promoting.And make sure the entry mechanic gives you access to the email addresses of the entrants!
  4. Presumably, most of what you are doing online is to point people back to your website J Don’t miss out on the opportunity to collect the data of people who visit but don’t shop.You can do this a number of ways, with an opt-in to join the newsletter list, to receive a discount, to stand the chance to win a gift, product or voucher etc. Get creative, folks! This is the fun part 🙂

Want more suggestions and ideas for how to grow your email lists? Schedule your free 30-min brainstorming session with us now!

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