5 Ways to Get More People to Your Online Store

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There is nothing “easy” about eCommerce. It is hard work! It takes work, and dedicated, and commitment. But it is SIMPLE. And it is worth it.

We all know that eCommerce is where it’s at, right?

Everyone is telling us to start an online shop, to build our brands on social media, to try drop-shipping…

‘Cause it’s the future of commerce. And it’s where the easy money is, right??


There is nothing “easy” about eCommerce.

It is hard work!

It takes work, and dedicated, and commitment. But it is SIMPLE. And it is worth it.

If you have an online store or a website you are trying to increase visits to, I know you have asked yourself “how do I get more people to visit the site?”

Also – WRONG QUESTION to be asking yourself.

Website traffic and new visitors mean very little. Not nothing, sure, but very little.

The only time a spike in your traffic means anything is if there was also a spike in your sales. Then I’m listening.

Hold a sale 

This is a quick and effective way to get some cashflow in the door and some money in bank, with not a huge amount of effort. Don’t focus too much on profitability here (don’t run at a loss either) but free up some cash and move some stock. It’s better in people’s hands than on your shelves.

Introduce a “gimmick” on your site

Our lucky wheel on the Something Sassy website was hugely successful for two reasons. People who weren’t ready to buy were still keen to try their luck at a spinning wheel and a prize. And, we collected a ton of email addresses from the mechanic.

Capture email addresses

Have a reason for people to leave their email addresses even if they don’t shop. Then you are able to go back to them and keep your brand top of mind until they do decide to invest in your product.

Run a competition on social

This is a very effective (and free) way to gain more followers, increase your traffic, and increase sales. Make sure your entry mechanic calls for sharing or tagging new people, so that you are getting in front of as many as possible.

Keep your content fresh

With Something Sassy, we very quickly learned that our spikes in traffic and sales almost always came right after we shot a new collection or loaded new images onto the site. Keep your content on social and website updated regularly!

Please don’t wait for the sales to start coming in or the interest in your brand to pick up. Go out there and actively try new things!

That is the only way you are going to learn what your audience responds to and what they don’t.

There are things you can do everyday to increase your sales and your market share.

Join the Black Friday MasterClass next week for more creative ways to increase your sales all year round 🤑

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