An introduction to Mailchimp

From the Coco Creative Internship Program

Have you ever wondered how companies send out mass email marketing campaigns or newsletters?

This was certainly something I wondered about before working at Coco Creative.

In my third week of interning for Coco Creative, I was introduced to Mailchimp. Mailchimp is a great multi-purpose online email-marketing platform – you can create attractive email newsletters, manage email databases and efficiently send out email campaigns.

Mailchimp really is a one-stop-shop for creating simple yet effective email campaigns!

mailchimp highlights

Another great aspect of this email-marketing platform is that it provides you (the user) with insights and results – i.e. the % of emails opened and the click-through rate. Although the marketing metrics offered my Mailchimp are limited, the platform still provides you with the most two most essential metrics. Using these two percentages/rates, you can quickly assess the success level of your email campaign.


I think that email marketing is a great way to constantly stay in touch with your clients/customers and to share content-rich product or service information as well as information about promotions and events.

I have loved working with Mailchimp. Not only is this platform super easy to use – it’s a lot of fun! You’ll celebrate each and every successful email newsletter delivery with a high-five from Mailchimp! Go ahead and give Mailchimp a try!


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