Are Your Kids Your New Colleagues?

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“I find the best way to get through my day with two teenage girls is a good structure and balance.”

Having everyone at home has become the new normal and for a lot of us, it’s a major adjustment having to juggle our work while making sure our kids are taken care of in terms of school and stimulating activities.

Many parents have had the occasional day where a child is sick and they stay home with them but now the reality of working remotely alongside your kids as they juggle school demands can be a lot to take on, but we’re here to help!

According to our fab team member and resident ‘team mom’, Judy, it’s possible to do this: “I find the best way to get through my day with two teenage girls is a good structure and balance.” Here are four ways to effectively work from home during the coronavirus outbreak when you have kids:

create a schedule

Having a schedule for every person in the house is crucial to replicate a ‘normal day’ so everyone can keep up their productivity and things can still get done at home. According to Judy, it’s important to set up the morning well so the rest of the day will follow. “In the mornings my kids are both woken up as if it was a normal school day, we have a good healthy breakfast together and discuss our goals for the day,” says Judy.

It’s also important for you as a business owner or professional to make the most of the time that is given to you. If your kids are younger then it’s a good idea to work around their schedule and make your most productive time when they’re having a nap. For older kids, the same rule applies only slightly different – if you can it’s a great idea to match your time of productivity to theirs. Work when they work and rest when they rest. This way everyone in the house will be more in sync and you’ll actually have more time to bond with each other when all the work is done.


Seeing as everyone is at home – it’s no surprise if kids pop into conference calls or walk behind you during a Zoom meeting. It’s a good idea to chat with the kids and explain that while you’re on a business call then they need to respect your space and keep noise levels low. If you work in a separate room then a fun way to do this is to create fun signs that allow the rest of the house to know when you’re in work mode and when it’s okay to come in for a little mom time.

However, we’re all human and things can happen from time to time so it’s also important to communicate with your colleagues and make them aware of your home situation – everyone loves to say hi to your kids on a Zoom call anyway!

Communication can also come in the form of regular check-ins since you’re all in the same space for work and school. Taking regular breaks from your work to-do list to check in with your kids is a good way to let them know you’ve got them on top of your mind – and it also helps you move around the house a little.

take regular breaks together

While working at home and keeping your business going, and while your kids are keeping up with their schoolwork, it’s crucial to remember that you all need a break from time to time. “We are all in separate rooms during the course of the day working as if we are at school or work and meet again for an exercise routine and lunch around a table, we catch up about what’s happening in our day and I use the opportunity to help them with homework,” says Judy, “A good balance between work and home life is still very important. For most moms it’s time to reset their reality.”

Regular breaks allow everyone in the house to not only take a break from their task list but to also make the most of the time we have together. Those little moments of quiet bonding time are key to making it through this time and also vital to strengthening your family bonds. A general rule can be that for every hour you work a 15-minute break is suggested. Speaking up when you need a break is important!

you're not alone

During this time, it’s comforting to know that there are other moms out there who are juggling their parenting and professional skills at the same time. Connect with other ‘mompreneurs’ via social media and feel their combined strength. Looking online for tips and tricks of how others have done it can give you fun ideas on what to do and to do it well with your family. Above all else, do what works for you! It won’t work to compare yourself to others but seeing what others do and adapting to your family dynamic is what’s best.

Want more suggestions and ideas for how to keep your home and business running smoothly?

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