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It is critical for brands to shift their messaging to fit in with the current climate.

During the COVID-19 global pandemic and the South African lockdown, there’s been a massive shift in businesses optimising their digital marketing efforts on a variety of platforms. It is critical for brands to shift their messaging to fit in with the current climate while maintaining brand authenticity and customer loyalty.

As a business owner, you need to balance between keeping your business going while also being sensitive and mindful of what people are going through. You want to keep your lines of communication with your customers open and transparent while steering clear of sounding opportunistic. We can help you figure out how to do this with our fantastic blog post on brands and their communication skills.

We’ve outlined ways to build, and maintain, an authentic brand presence.

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How you direct your brand’s messaging is pivotal to creating brand authenticity. Customers can feel when a brand is being inauthentic – even over social media. If you’re not producing content that speaks to who you are, your audience will notice, and your brand reach and engagement will be low.

Taking what you’re feeling as a human being, who is also experiencing the impact of this global pandemic, can be weaved into your brand messaging, this will allow people to relate to your business, and reinvigorate their loyalty to you.

Bootlegger Coffee Company is doing a fantastic job with its digital communication, they have provided their audience content including competitions, videos as well as brand collaborations. You can now buy their coffee online through Takealot and Yuppiechef, and they’ve partnered with Ou Meul Bakery and Café to offer you freshly baked and frozen goods deliveries. Brilliant!

Research, research, and more research. Knowing what your competition is doing on a regular basis is key – especially during this time. If you see something compelling then there’s no need to reinvent the wheel – but rather use it and adapt it to your brand’s specifications. Take inspiration from everywhere around you and build it into your brand’s persona. This way you are employing methods that you know will work because they’ve already worked before. Another example of a company that has done well in this department, by pivoting their digital strategy, is Granadilla Swim. They have developed Granadilla Eats, which works to deliver small businesses’ products to your door including pantry items, drinks, and fresh produce.

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Being aware of what role your brand plays during this time is pivotal to maintaining, or building, authenticity. It’s possible to show your customers a different side to you that they haven’t seen before. It’s possible for your brand to reach beyond its initial business model and extend into philanthropic avenues.

For example, UCOOK has established the UCOOK Food Fund where a portion of their sales will go to benefiting people in need. Plus, they’ll match and double each donation made through their Meal Kits. Customers can also donate via Snapscan and Zapper. Check out their Instagram bio for more details!

brand messaging

Many companies make the mistake of thinking that this is the time to go silent and retreat – away from social media and definitely away from spending money on things like marketing. And yet now is the time to be reaching out to customers more than ever when people are craving social connection.

Social distancing does not mean emotionally distancing and so its key to build up your brand loyalty through consistent and authentic material on your social media platforms. It’s also a time to have fun with your brand and customers – is there something you’ve always wanted to try? Then go for it – chances are more people than ever will view it now.

A brand that is looking after their brand loyalty really well is Yuppiechef with their gourmet food boxes. Since we can’t go out right now and enjoy restaurant-quality food, Yuppiechef is bringing the experience to us with boxes including the Poultry Box and the Seafood Box! In fact, they’re currently running an Instagram competition where someone will win a gourmet food box – delivered safely and straight to your door. The fresh produce and quality ingredients found within these gourmet boxes feed into Yuppiechef’s brand.

Another brand that is focusing on quality service and brand loyalty is Checkers with their Sixty60 mobile app. Download this app onto your smartphone and order your essentials to be delivered straight to your door in a matter of hours. Usually, it would take 60 minutes but due to the increased demand it would be a little longer – and yet it’s still same-day delivery. Just make sure to order first thing in the morning as their orders fill up quickly and you cannot order in advance.

We can help you build an authentic brand digitally – contact us today!

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