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“Move over previous career highlight – you’ve just been outplayed.”

“Just when you think it can’t get any better… it does!”

There is no pretending that meeting Jaclyn Johnson in Los Angeles earlier this year was a career highlight for me. I’ve been known to say it publicly on more than one occasion 🙂

I have followed Create & Cultivate, and the career of Jaclyn, for years now. I don’t remember exactly how I was introduced to Create & Cultivate (Instagram, probably). And I know that one of my earliest experiences of Jaclyn was reading her book Work Party in early 2019.

In her book she talks about her first business being a marketing agency before starting Create & Cultivate – naturally, I clung to the commonalities 🙂

I had “attending a Create and Cultivate Conference” on my vision board for some time before I made it to their 2020 Conference in Los Angeles, right before Covid-19 lockdown. I made it just in time. And while I thought that attending a Create and Cultivate conference, being in Los Angeles to launch Coco Creative LA, meeting Jaclyn, Jessica Alba, Marianna Hewitt, Rachel Parcell and Jessica Simpson, would be the pinnacle of my career, it got better…

In June 2020, we hosted Jaclyn on our platform. I was given the chance to interview the woman herself! The same woman who sat on stage after stage interviewing everyone from Kim Kardashian to Meghan Markle to Gloria Steinem. There I was, in my Zoom meeting room, face-to-face with this powerhouse

Move over previous career highlight – you’ve just been outplayed.

Jaclyn and I got on a call at a time when it felt like the world was collapsing around our ears, and we discussed everything from the affects of Covid on businesses around the world, to our responsibility as business owners to the Black Live Matter Movement. Nothing was off limits, and for me and the women who attended, it was the most enlightening, inspiring and motivating conversations to be a part of (we do have a replay somewhere if you want it :-)).

The reason I am sharing this with you now is because I have been thinking a lot lately about creating the lives we want, the lives we dream of. About reaching the success we crave, about getting in rooms with the people who inspire us. And so I hope to leave you with this one, very simple concept:

“Anything – literally, anything – is possible if you are uncompromising about what you want from life.”

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