How to Create Revenue-On-Demand

From the Founder's Desk

“Revenue-on-demand is a phrase I came up with recently so don’t try Googling it. You won’t find anything. Yet!”

Guys! I want to tell you about what a pleasure it is to have a business that is built for revenue-on-demand.

Revenue-on-demand is a phrase I came up with recently so don’t try Googling it. You won’t find anything. Yet!

What I mean by revenue-on-demand is being able to wake up in the morning and say to yourself “I feel like making an additional R15 000 this week”. And then haing that happen at the push of a button.

But listen, it hasn’t always been that way for us. I know exactly what it is like to be stressing about when and where the next client is going to come from:

😵  The stress of waiting for the phone to ring
😵  Being unsure when your next client will come knocking
😵  Having no clue when your next sale or enquiry will come into you inbox

I have been there! I know the sleepless nights and non-stop hustle to make sure you don’t hit zero on that bank balance.

But I want to tell you guys that being an entrepreneur, or “solopreneur”, doesn’t have to be that way! And we are proof of that.

Two weeks ago we decided to offer a product we had never offered before. It wasn’t about revenue for us (we used to be driven by revenue, not any more) – it was about adding value and solving a problem for people.

But it did open my eyes to something… Something we can all have. Something can all enjoy in our lives and in our business.

And that is the concept of revenue-on-demand. Basically, we had the idea. We priced the product, we set the revenue goal for sales, and we launched it to our audience.

We sold out, reaching our goal, within minutes. Say whaaaattt???

What this means to me and my team, and to you, is that it possible to have a business model that allows you to wake up in the morning with a new goal or a new idea, and have generated the revenue you are aiming for by that afternoon.

For real!!

So how did we do it? How can you do the same thing?

Like this:

💗  Build an engaged audience
💗  Build trust in your audience
💗  ALWAYS be showing up for your audience
💗  DON’T always and only be selling to them!

We pour our hearts and souls into what we provide for our people (you guys know that) so that they can trust we’ll be there, they trust we’ll deliver the goods, and they cannot wait until we open up ANOTHER way for them to learn with us.

And you should be doing exactly the same thing for your people. You need to have people in order to sell to people 🤩

If you want to understand more about building a brand and a business that allows for revenue-on-demand, join us for live training on how to build and launch an offer or product online.

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