How to Infuse Your Brand With a Little Bit of Your Personality

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People want to interact with people, not a faceless business.

As daunting as the prospect may seem, sharing a photo of yourself or sharing a piece of your story will see more engagement than most other posts on your social media profiles.

Once your followers have formed a personal connection with you, they will be much more likely to purchase your product.

add your personality to your visuals

  • Your brand identity

Your brand identity is everything from your logo to your font to your colour palette. These are fairly easy areas to use creative license and really let your personality shine through. Don’t be afraid to stay true to who you are, to your vision, and to what makes you and your business unique.

  • Your headshot

Give your fans, followers and customers an easy way to get to know you – share a photo of yourself here and there.

This is an opportunity to, once again, really be true to you. Pick an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and authentic, and pick a backdrop that speaks to your personality and your likes. Just make sure you use a professional photographer so you end up with a high-quality photograph.

add your personality to your copy

  • Writing exercises

Now here’s a fun exercise! Before writing anything – your website copy, your social media bios, your Instagram captions – imagine your ideal client. Then, draft a letter to this person as if writing to a friend. Don’t pitch them anything and don’t chase business, just write to them as if you’re catching up. Ask him or her about work, life and business.

Then review this by reading it over several times. Take note of the tone, the language and the content. This is the voice you should adopt in all your copy moving forwards.

  • Your about page

This is where you can write about your credentials, your personal likes and dislikes (a little) and something memorable about yourself. Keep it personal but professional.

  • Your email list

This is not the same as writing a blog post. There is room to be a little more personal in an email to your database because these are people who have already expressed an interest in your business – let them get to know you a little better. They’ll appreciate that.

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