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To digitally migrate your business, you need to employ a different mindset.

Knowing how to pivot your business is key to achieving success and longevity. To digitally migrate your business, you need to employ a different mindset, it’s time to get creative!

Digitally shifting your brand or services relies on three main factors: knowing your customers, experimenting with new sales channels, and paying attention to your company’s digital statistics and analytics.


You need to regularly research to understand your customers and their buying habits. This may seem pretty basic but it’s important to understand the intricacies of consumer dynamics. As a business owner, you need to be aware of how your customers discover products and how they become loyal and repeat buyers.

Nowadays, customers are more likely to want detailed information of a product on a digital platform – and not have the hassle of going into a physical store and asking for information. This can also be seen as more reliable and informative as in-store employees might not be able to answer their questions fully. It’s also become apparent that people like to buy from brands that align with their values rather than simply finding the best deal.

Knowing this information, you can cater to your customers on several digital platforms and maintain your business to customer relationships. When you’re clear on the digital behaviour of your customers – this will in turn positively affect your digital marketing efforts.


Understanding where your customers spend their time digitally is key to knowing where your brand needs to increase its visibility. You need to be present on a variety of digital platforms to be available to your customer base. People are becoming more comfortable with cross-channel shopping and you need to be ready for it.

If it’s possible for your brand then you need to set up an eCommerce store and direct customers to this new space via social media. You can do this by increasing your discoverability on several social platforms so people cannot help but feel your brand’s digital presence. If you don’t know how to do this then we can help with our checklist for branding your social media! You can download it here.

More vital ways of increasing your brand’s digital presence can be to use a variety of tools. These include mailers, blogs, and social media posts. Using these three digital avenues will ensure that your brand has got the digital space covered! You can decide the frequency of such tools so it makes sense for your brand. Weekly mailers or even monthly mailers can be a good start to increase your database while a blog can allow you to post regular brand-related content, which you can share on social media.


To some, the world of data analysis and statistics can be daunting and confusing to understand. But it’s also a vital part of your business because you can use something like Google Analytics to see if your efforts are paying off and what you need to do going forward. Your stats can help you work your way through pivoting your brand’s digital strategy to keep your loyal customers and gain new ones.

Examine your data and use it to make informed decisions about your company’s future – especially in a digital space. Being able to understand the inner workings of your company’s digital effectiveness is vital to know your next step. If you still feel completely lost when anyone mentions statistics and analytics, then we can help you with that! Our talented paid media strategist will be able to analyse your brand’s data and deliver it to you in a way you can understand it.

At Coco Creative, we can help you figure out this next step. We can help you with building your brand’s digital presence, helping you build an effective digital sales funnel, and build meaningful engagement with your customers in the process. At this time half our downloadable resources are free and the other half are discounted at 50% off the original price. And to top this off the senior members of our team want to help you as much as they can with free strategy calls. We are invested and passionate about making sure we all grow from strength to strength.

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