How to Stay Connected During Times of Isolation

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It is key to stay connected.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we must distance ourselves socially and enter into an isolated state to prevent the spread of the virus. This can get lonely at times and it’s key to stay connected. When it comes to business, we have thought of ways to keep up with your employees, customers and professional clients.



  • When it comes to employees you need to let them know that their health and safety is important to you. However, it’s also key for business to keep on going while this time of uncertainty continues. A way to do this is to stay connected with employees virtually with team meetings via Skype, Whatsapp groups and team calls
  • When it comes to customers it’s important to let them know that you’re still here for them and you understand this is a difficult time. You can do this by offering virtual ways of connecting. Usually this is done by maintaining your social media presence, but this can be amplified with regular Facebook and Instagram live sessions where customers can ask any questions and you can answer immediately.


  • Lastly, when it comes to your professional clients it’s key to maintain your working relationships during this time while avoiding physical contact. This can easily be done with a choice of email chains, virtual meetings on Skype or regular phone calls. This can also be achieved via Whatsapp where groups can be created for this very purpose.
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