Instagram Growth Hacking the Authentic Way

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Tired of ever-changing algorithms? Just when you think you’re getting ahead and you’ve got it all figured out, Instagram changes the game.

It’s ok, we’ve got you covered. We have some really simple to follow, authentic ways to boost your Instagram growth.

Let’s start at the beginning…

your bio

utilise your link

It’s simple and therefore often overlooked, but it has more power than you think.

You need to use this space to tell people what you do and how you can help them. For eg. “Empower freelancers by giving them the tools to create eCourses…” or “Are you having trouble taking beautiful photos? I help bloggers with tips about photography.”

Most people make the mistake of focusing only on themselves and what they do. Try to focus on your audience rather.

Ultimately, the aim is to funnel Instagram followers back to your website so don’t overlook #linkinbio. Or else what’s it all for?!

the ratio

consistent theme

Balance your follower/following ration

I know, it sounds a bit ridiculous but believe it or not, people look at this. If you are following more people than you have followers your page can look unprofessional.

Take some time to sift through your ‘following’ list to see if there are any accounts you haven’t interacted with for a while or that you are no longer interested in. Maybe you followed a brand account that you’re not interested in anymore, or you find yourself following a group of celebs that you haven’t seen post on Instagram for a while.

Refer to our 5 Tips for Cohesive Branding on Social Media (with a free Social Media Branding workbook)

With Instagram being such a visual platform, it’s no surprise that accounts with eye-catching, engaging themes perform so well. Not only does it give new followers a great first impression, but it also makes sure that your branding is recognisable in every photo of your Instagram feed.

killer captions

use hashtags

Much like you set a theme to your Instagram content, you need to set a brand voice in your Instagram captions.

Our recommendation is to create a sort of ‘lexicon’ for your account, which includes a set of 10 to 15 words, phrases, and emojis that you use on a regular basis to keep your captions branded and consistent.

And get creative! Write from the heart, write exactly what comes to mind – this is your opportunity to go full authentic and keep people engaged for longer.

We cannot stress the importance of hashtags on Instagram enough!

You probably know this, right? Everyone has told you that hashtags will help, but maybe you’re not convinced or you haven’t found the right hashtags yet.

An Instagram post without hashtags is like trying to shout over a crowd without a megaphone.

Are you someone who #writes their #hashtags within their #caption like this? Or someone who uses tags like #Tag4Likes, #InstaGood, and #PicOfTheDay to drive engagement to their posts? Or maybe you don’t even use hashtags at all? Then, I hate to burst your bubble but you are missing out on SO much engagement.

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