Meet our CEO

In the last six years she has founded three South African businesses and expanded them internationally. She has worked with top tier brands such as Peroni, Beautyblender, Environ, Nissan, and many more. She has worked with large and small companies to extend their reach beyond South Africa; increasing their earning potential in foreign currencies and helping them establish an international presence.

Jemima-Faye has also always been passionate about passing on the skills and love of entrepreneurship. She is especially focussed on helping to empower and motivate women to take control of their lives.

She has worked with many business owners as a mentor through her career. She holds a philosophy of taking “brave action”; and that launching your own company can be in your reach if you can be bold.

Jemima-Faye now is looking to connect with more potential and struggling entrepreneurs than ever. She wants to pass on the core steps and lessons that can lead people to success. She can’t wait to embrace this challenge and build a community of dynamic female entrepreneurs.