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It’s key that while you try and keep business going, you also need to pay attention to everyone’s mental health and how they’re doing outside of the job.

Currently, our usual 9-5 routine has taken a more digital route, and while we’re doing our best to stay positive and take it one day at a time it can get a little tough. Especially when it comes to keeping your staff members productive and motivated at the same time. It’s key that while you try and keep business going, you also need to pay attention to everyone’s mental health and how they’re doing outside of the job.

It’s up to team managers, and every team member, to keep each other going strong and keeping on doing their best under lockdown. As can be expected digital communication is the only way for teams to stay engaged and a variety of platforms have stepped in as the top contenders including Zoom, Dropbox, House Party and Whatsapp, among many others. We have a lot of experience with our team working remotely and so we’d like to share the ways to keep your employees engaged and productive while we adjust to our new normal.


This may seem a little strange if you’ve never done something like this before, let alone with your colleagues. But connecting with each other in a mindful and soulful way can allow you to bond as a team and also let everyone know that they’re not alone. As a team leader you can lead a virtual meditation exercise to direct people’s energy towards positive and productive channels. Make sure to gear towards topics like setting positive intentions, focus and attention, gratitude and clearing your mind.

If this really isn’t your team’s thing then you can take things a little easier and task each person to come up with an inspiring question that each team member must answer. It’s just a way to get everyone to stop for a second and actively think about something other than work.


Following on from a virtual meditation session, your daily virtual meeting can move onto work, so everyone has the chance to connect and discuss the day’s workflow. This is practical as well as socially beneficial. Not only will your team get the chance to discuss work topics and collaborate, but they also are given a chance to interact with others outside of their home space. Zoom and Slack are great tools to use and each team member needs is a stable Internet connection.

You can also use these platforms to bring everyone together for activities other than work including group exercise classes throughout the week and Friday drinks with the team – just like you would’ve done outside of lockdown. We are meant to socially distance ourselves but that doesn’t stop us from reaching out to the people around us digitally.


It’s also important for businesses to keep their audiences and client base engaged during this time. You can allow your customers to let you know their thoughts regarding your products and price points via social media and questionnaires. To incentivise customers to do this you can offer a prize or voucher at the end. This way you can gain valuable insight into your customers’ general purchasing behaviour and attitude towards your brand without them coming into a physical store.

During this period businesses need to be mindful and understanding, where they look to temporarily adjust their pricing models, encourage customers to buy online or to buy at a later stage.

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