Our Story

The humble beginnings of Coco Creative is part of what makes us strive for more, work harder, smarter and always try and provide the most creative solutions in the digital space. We’re not service providers, we are an extended team of any business or individual we work with. Your goals are our goals, your brand, becomes our brand. To say we get invested, would be putting it quite mildly 🙂

The company has grown since it’s early days, and now boasts a group of ladies with combined expertise and experience that amounts to over 40 years collectively. Our team of experts have worked with businesses that have ranged from large corporates to smaller companies or individuals just starting out.

We are very clear on our vision for where we want to go, and there will be no stopping us till we get there. We are ambitious, and results driven, and we make it our mission to get the people we work with to get as excited as we do when we see numbers start ticking up, or when an audience starts engaging. We celebrate every win, no matter how big or small.
It’s easy to say we are awesome and can guarantee you immediate results – but we know better than that. Our experience has taught us that expectations need to be managed, and digital marketing is no longer a space where there are immediate results without the correct strategic approach. What we do promise, is that we are responsive, decisive, we act quickly, and we adapt…

Our ability to adapt made the transition to a full-service e-learning platform specialising in digital and strategic marketing such a natural evolution. We love to help people, so we did! We have helped individuals and brands to build and grow in order to achieve their goals.

We have shared our knowledge, to enable them to learn new skills that will serve them for years to come and to be equipped to take action in the digital space, so they can thrive in a world that is quickly becoming a “digital first” environment.

We have made ourselves available, and taken a practical approach to e-learning, our CEO and founder has spent many hours personally mentoring business owners, who needed help navigating something that quite new and foreign for them.

This has been an amazing journey for us, and anyone we have managed to help along the way. We can’t wait for whatever comes next! ☺