Business of Fashion

Business of Fashion


Launching and scaling an online fashion business is great fun! Who doesn’t love working with clothes?! But a knack for fashion isn’t enough… This 21-day crash course has been developed to teach you all the business-related things you need to know to make your company profitable and successful.

This online program is right for you if you want to:

  • Set up your margins, pricing model and business model to allow for global expansion from the very beginning
  • Establish a reliable and efficient supply chain that allows you to rinse and repeat product or replenishment without the stress and anxiety
  • Building an international network and using the resources available (things includes a comprehensive guide on how to list your product on Amazon)

You’ll FINALLY have the answers to your biggest questions:

  • How to build out a pricing model that allows for global expansion
  • How to set to sales and distribution channels remotely
  • How to build a network of friends, customers and clients from your home

I’ll teach you:

  • Module One: Building a Pricing Model with Margins that Allows You the Freedom to Test and Try New Things
  • Module Two: Product and Supply Chain - all the things you need to have in place before scaling your business
  • Module Three: Marketing and Sale Channels that Allow You to Sell While you Sleep

You will receive weekly modules and lessons, weekly live training and strategy calls with me, and 24/7 access to me via WhatsApp and email.


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