Unpacking Paid Ads

From Basics to Mastery in 8 Days!

Unpacking Paid Ads

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Why now? When the pandemic hit, big brands started pulling back on budgets which has meant that the landscape of paid ads is less competitive than before before. Cost-per-clicks are lower, and results are much, MUCH higher!

Your paid ads on Facebook and Instagram can be incredibly lucrative… If they’re set up properly. If not, you could end up losing money.

We embarked on a journey of helping people with their digital frustrations, we have the knowledge and expertise and we were willing to share it with anyone who needed help, for free. We quickly saw patterns and the same problems for so many people. As we are solution orientated, we have developed this course for those who have been trying to get paid ads right.

This 8-day crash course will give you a step-by-step guide on how to set up your first Facebook or Instagram ad campaigns.

- Step-by-Step Set-Up Guides
- Audience targeting tips, tricks and hacks
- Guides and templates for ad designs and creative
- Guides and templates for ad copy and call-to-actions
- Strategy tips and tricks for optimum return-on-investment!


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