We Used Our Faces, And It Worked!

From the Social Media Desk

“Seeing your face makes people feel more confident.”

To quote our mentor and business coach, Cayla Craft, “seeing your face makes people feel more confident”.

Trust me, we were no different from anyone else when it came to first showing the world our faces up close and personal. We were super resistant. Up until the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we operated solely as an agency. That meant we did the implementation and the marketing for other companies. We were very much “back office” people – we were telling clients to get on camera, we were filming our clients and publishing on their platforms on their behalf. We were talking to talk, but not walking the walk…

we got camera ready

BOOM! Covid-19 hits and we have to pivot. So what did we do? We got in front of the cameras ourselves, made ourselves available to our audience, and we got (FAR!) out of our comfort zones. And the results were mind blowing!

We knew the stats, right? We knew that getting on camera and speaking to your audience would deliver the goods. We had just never done it ourselves. But now we were, and the proof was in pudding.

stats don't lie

Our engagement soared when we posted Insta Stories of ourselves speaking to the audience. Our paid ads performed better than ever before when we put our actual team on the creative. We made our approach to speaking to our audience much more personal, much more real – we gave people a tangible connection with our company and our team.

Ultimately, we are real people, who want to do real good, and offer real help. And we just had to lift the curtain on that. We just had to be brave enough to get a little uncomfortable (no one likes to see their own face or hear their own voice), and be willing to fail and learn and move on, and the results have been bigger and better than we ever anticipated!

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