Why you should have an accountability partner (and how to find one)

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“An accountability partner is someone you assign to being available for regular check in’s to discuss the progress in your business.”

Being a business owner or freelancer or solo-preneur can be lonely as all hell! I know it.

You are slogging away all day, every day, sometimes seeing results and sometimes not, and you feel like no one has any real idea what you’re dealing with behind the scenes.

It feels like you are hiking uphill with a backpack full of rocks, and no one would understand the feeling of crushing weight no matter how well you described it.

I have been there!

Among many other things, this is one of the reason I built the community we have today. So that those of you who are you hiking that hill can at least do it with some company and good conversation on the way up 🙂

So I am sure somewhere along the way you have heard me talk about having an accountability.

An accountability partner is someone you assign to being available for regular check in’s to discuss the progress in your business.

When I was working on my own, before I had a team and/business partners, I assigned myself accountability partners whenever I felt like I was struggling to stay the course.

An accountability partner doesn’t need to know anything about your business operations, or even your long term goals (although that does help). All your accountability needs to do is receive a copy of your weekly goals, and be willing to check in with you in 7 days time to ask if you ticked everything off the list.

It is literally that simple.

And can make the world of difference! Trust me.

Your accountability partner doesn’t need to be someone who can give you advice or strategic direction, or any input for that matter. But she/he does need to committed to regular check ins, and comfortable with exploring why you might not have done something you said you would do.

An accountability partner and coach/mentor all rolled into one is an additional bonus. Someone who can not only make you accountable for last week’s goals, but help you set next week’s will completely change the way you approach your work and your business.

But if finding a mentor or paying a coach is not feasible for you at this stage, then please get an accountability partner. I beg you!

There is something about knowing that you are not the only one who knows about your tasks or goals for the week that shifts your mindset. Whether or not your accountability partner is likely to rap you over the knuckles or not, just knowing that someone might ask you if you did what you said you were going to do is pretty motivating.

This also doesn’t need to be an ongoing or indefinite arrangement. You could decide you want to write an email to your audience every week for the next month. Or that you want to reach out to 1 new person eery day on Instagram.

Ask someone if they would be willing to check in with you everyday, or every week, to ask if you have done it. It is no great undertaking for them. They can set a reminder on their phones if necessary, and send you a WhatsApp or email to ask if it has been done.

Do not be afraid to ask for help.
Do not be afraid to ask for what you need.
Do not be afraid to find yourself the support you need!

And you have this amazing community of women all so willing to help you in the Connect & Conquer Group.

If there is something you have been meaning to start, or something you wish you were doing more consistently, I challenge you to pop into that group and ask if someone would be willing to act as your accountability partner for the next 30 days.

You will not be sorry!!

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