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Building Your Sales Funnel

Perfecting your sales funnels involves a lot of testing, and they take time to implement. But once they are fine-tuned, they create HUGE customer lifetime value.

Cheat Sheet for Facebook Ads Mastery

Facebook is still the most used social media platform, with 2.45 billion monthly active users. 74% of Facebook users are high-income earners. Use our cheat sheet to master your Facebook ads quickly and easily!

Pitch Deck Development Workbook

You pitch deck is the first introduction any potential investor or customer has to your business, and so a properly put together pitch can be the difference between wowing potential investors and leaving them somewhat underwhelmed.

Checklist for Branding Your Social Media

Launching and maintaining social media profiles can be daunting and overwhelming, especially when you’re teeming with bright ideas. We have created a small list of the steps we suggest you take early on in your social media efforts – or start now and pivot your strategy – in order to keep your profiles cohesive and consistent.

Personal Brand Building Guide

Whether you are the founder of a startup, a marketing professional, or the CEO of a multinational conglomerate, your personal brand is the one thing that we all have the opportunity to leverage to make our businesses stand out in today’s digital age.

Instagram Hashtag Hack

Don’t be afraid to use hasthtags – they’re an authentic Instagram growth hack. Just make sure that they’re relevant or else your brand will start to look inauthentic. Use our list of best Instagram Hashtags by Industry.

Branding Workbook

Designing a logo, stationery, patterns and icons are some of the elements that make a branding unique, but before all that comes an exercise in brand discovery. This is the business-owner’s guide to developing a brand manual.

Internship Worksheets

When offering an internship, it is important to be aware of how potentially unrealistic a fully unpaid internship is for most people. That is not to say that offering a paid internship is the only way forward – it is possible to make the internship super valuable in other ways.

CI Quick Guide Workbook

Creating a consistent brand can be overwhelming, but with a little guidance it’s totally achievable. This guide will help you until you are able to invest in professional branding.