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You can’t pour from an empty cup so before you start trying to be everything to other people, you have to first be everything to yourself.

So you guys know I am big on a morning routine. When we are busy, when we’re in demand, when we’re generous with out time and our skills, we have to be protecting our energy.

My morning routine is my way of making sure my own cup is full before I start pouring into others’.

Don’t get me wrong – I love filling other people’s cups. And I am so grateful to have a platform and a space in which to do that.


You can’t pour from an empty cup so before you start trying to be everything to other people, you have to first be everything to yourself.

So on the topic of a morning routine, quite a few people have asked me recently how I stay in my routine over the holidays. How do I keep that boundary in place when there is loads of family around, and group holidays, and late nights etc.

And this is great question! Something I am very happy to be addressing (I don’t remember who first asked me this, but thank you!).

Boundaries really is the key word here. I encourage you to set some boundaries for yourself – these are just for you, you don’t need to share them with anyone – before you go into this festive season.

Here are some examples that I use during the holidays:

No phone time during the day, unless it is to reach out on Instagram

I am very strict with myself on this. I will have my phone with me all of the time, for photos and content etc. But I will keep it on airplane mode. And then I do allow myself time to move the needle forward in my business, so I will give myself 30-minutes a day to reach out to new people and engage or post. But no consuming!

The during the day part is important to note too – I will give myself 20 minutes in the evening to check emails, Facebooks groups, notifications etc.

A non-negotiable 30-40 minutes of alone time first thing in the morning

Under normal circumstances, this is an hour or more. And again before bed. But I am realistic about what I can fit in during the holidays, so 30 minutes minimum before my day starts. This is my time to meditate, journal and set my intentions for the day.

This one takes some serious boundaries when there is a lot of family around! If you have to, set that alarm for 30 minutes earlier than anyone else might get up. Find a quiet corner in the garden, or take a walk around the block. Let everyone know that this is what you will be doing every morning. Then if someone does spot you, they’ll know not to disturb you until you’re done 🙂

Moving my body every day

Boy, does the gym go out the window over the holidays!

And that’s ok, I give myself some grace with this one. But I am committed to moving my body every day without fail. So a long walk, a run, a swim in the sea, or a ride out on one my cousin’s ponies.

There are plenty of ways to keep this sociable and a “family affair” so you really have no excuses here 🙂

Eat 3 meals a day

Big one for me! Guys, it is so easy to fall off the wagon over the holidays. And again, have some grace with yourself – it is ok!

But the best way to make sure you are not completely going off the deep end is to make sure you sitting down for 3 healthy, main meals every day. You’ll snack less in between, and you’ll have fewer cravings for Lindt Santas or Christmas Cake 🙂

Boundaried allowances around work

Decide upfront how much work you are going to do over the holidays, if any. There is no one size fits all here – it depends on your business model, your cashflow, your clients expectations etc. So I am going to let you figure this one out on your own.

But get clear NOW on what those boundaries and allowances are going to be so that you don’t get swept away by work-related activities and find yourself working 3 days straight without looking up to see the Christmas lights.

The one really important thing I want to say about setting boundaries in order to protect your energy is that it is not selfish.

When the question is asked of me, “how do I stay boundaried and in routine over the holidays?”, it is almost always followed by concerns about appearing selfish or self-indulgent.

Guys, you are nothing to anyone if you are not taking care of yourself and putting yourself first! Selfish is not doing the work on yourself, not doing the work to be a better person, not taking care of yourself. That is the selfish act.

Consider who you might be inspiring. Consider who you might be showing up happier and more contented for. Does it still feel selfish?

Let’s go out there, ladies, and be the light this year! We all need a little bit of inspiration, or encouragement. Allow yourself to be that for other people these holidays, by showing up for yourself first 🙂

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